The Crew

Mitch W. (foreman)

Mitch started his flat roofing career in Nova Scotia. With a huge gap in wages from East to West, it was an easy decision to move out to Edmonton. He started out here with a smaller reputable company West of Edmonton. When worked slowed down and less hours, he made the decision to work for XL Roofing. It was easy to give Mitch the money he was worth. He cares, and slows down on flat roof repairs to fix what needs to be fixed. Now if anyone that knows anything about finding leaks on tar and gravel roof, is that it takes lots of patience, and Mitch has that. He is also the main forman for our bigger projects as well. The men respect and work hard for him. I don't have to worry about any of my roofs leaking in the middle of a roof rip. He was certainly a welcome addition to the core of our company.

Mitch M. (estimator)

What can I say about Mitch, he was UofA excepted, captain of his high school football team, but didn't get his class selection in on time. I asked him to learn how to estimate in the mean time. He said yes, and well.......since then he has become my coordinator, junior Roofer (awesome roofer at that), Estimator and confidante. The future looks bright for Mitch as he continues his education with the assistance of XL Roofing.

Brett (junior foreman)

Brett hails from Spirit River AB. He started working for us part time over three years ago in the Winter. Brett did siding prior to working for us. He loves to work many hours whereas I will work the odd weekend when we fall behind. I just call Brett and he is there. Brett just finished his second year apprenticeship and with his siding experience, he has become my patch foreman and sheet metal man. He is meticulous and fussy with his work; when working on flat residential this is essential.

Tim (roofer)

Tim has worked off and on for us since the age of seventeen. He has roofing blood in him as he is surrounded by family members that are heavily into flat and shingle roofing. He brings a positive attitude and a very comedic personality to the job. He is a natural Torcher with attention to detail. We hope to get Tim into the roofing apprenticeship program very soon, which is certainly due.

Brayden (labourer)

Wow, awesome kid that has given 100%. At work on time every day, full of enthusiasm. We put a torch in his hand and he is an absolute natural. He has been personally responsible for bringing in some awesome Summer help.

Cohen (labourer)

Another great kid. Brayden brought Cohen in to the company. These guys can make one’s day short just with their humor and whit alone. That being said he is steady and dependable every day. . It is a pleasure to have him with us.

Nathan (labourer)

Nathan came on board with Brayden and Cohen. He is summer and part time help. He is part of our very enthusiastic and young crowd eager to work well.

Bill (labourer)

Mitch W brought Bill into the mix. He grew up with Mitch. Bill is proving to be a huge asset to us. He brings the 30yo smarts to his job and catches on fast, never stops. Always ready to work when called upon. He has picked a torch and catches on fast.

Christine (accountant)

Without a good accountant in a company one can get into financial difficulty. When I had a chance to hire Christine I did not hesitate, Christine has taught me so much. She is honest as the day is long and brings a stern discipline type attitude. In this day and age we can't be looking at construction as just dabbling in it. We have to dot our I's and cross our T's. Safety has to be front and centre. We went to the same high school so it was easy to find a common ground. The men around here respect her. She is responsible for managing our company benefits, which is a huge step in becoming a real company that cares about its employees. She also does everyone’s’ taxes, so a win for us all.

Evan (accounting assistant)

Evan went to school with our oldest son. I've Known him since he was small and have also known him to be very quick witted and intelligent. Evan is also going to be our safety supervisor with my assistance. We cannot let up in this area of expertise. Also any computer related problems in the office Evan will address.

Jackie (book keeper/ secretary)

When Jackie is not looking after the home and family, she is helping the company with banking and office stuff. Without Jackie’s support I wouldn't be here. To run a successful business you need your wife and best friend backing you 100%.