The Frasers Family Picture

Chris Fraser started his Edmonton roof repair company more than 14 years ago. Chris and wife Jackie have a large family by today’s standards (five children) and their goal was to build a future for perhaps a couple of their kids. Back in the days when their children were starting to get expensive and competing for mom’s attention, a decision was made to keep mom at home … the day they decided to start their Edmonton roofing company … XL Roofing … the year was 1996 and they have never looked back!



Mitch W. (foreman)

We hired Mitch for the start of 2013. Mitch Also comes from same area as Dallas (Nova Scotia), and worked with Dallas many years before. Mitch comes highly recommended.

Mitch M. (estimator)

Mitch has been working for us the last couple years, starting part time as was finishing school. He proved to be an asset right off the bat for roofing repairs Edmonton. Not only was he decent worker, he was an honour roll student in school. Mitch will be enrolling at Grant McEwen and N.A.I.T. for his Business and estimating courses. XL Roofing will be assisting Mitch in his studies.