Roof Repairs

At roofing repairs Edmonton … when XL Roofing engages in a membrane replacement, we offer a controlled rip at all costs.

Edmonton Roofing Contractors XL Roofing believes in the motto of a "no stress roofing company".

Whatever we tear off in a day we seal in a day. When I go to bed at night, I like to sleep well; we don't want to worry about an open roof we didn't seal. At the same time it is demolition and I am always making sure my guys are buttoning down the hatches, in case a big wind storm kicks up. However that's not to say we are perfect; I always leave my cell number with my customers, because you never know what can happen … it will give you piece of mind!

Sometimes when we tear in the morning, a big thunder storm may hit early in the afternoon, so we always have large tarps on hand for back up … it is the prairies and weather is unpredictable.